S2, E4: Unraveling Free Will: A Journey Through Identity and Determinism

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  • Podcast Title: Philosophical Entertainment
  • Hosts: Matthew Mansfield and Nicholas Rowe
  • Episode Topic: Unraveling Free Will: A Journey Through Identity and Determinism

Main Content

  • Exploration of Free Will:
    • Discussion on the traditional views of free will versus determinism, facilitated by both hosts.
    • Insights from interactions with AI to illustrate programmed versus spontaneous responses, with input from Nicholas on technical aspects.
  • Identity and Influence:
    • Examination of how identity is shaped by both internal and external influences, with Matthew leading the discussion.
    • Cultural and philosophical perspectives on the fluidity and construct of identity, with Nicholas providing additional historical context.
  • Determinism and Its Implications:
    • Deep dive into the concept of determinism and its impact on personal agency, discussed collaboratively.
    • Exploration of how this perspective challenges our notions of morality and ethics, with a debate format between the hosts.
  • Philosophical Reflections:
    • Reflection on key philosophical debates and thinkers from history to the modern day, led by Nicholas.
    • Discussion on the resonance of these philosophical ideas in contemporary issues and personal life, with personal anecdotes from Matthew.


  • Summary:
    • Recap of the discussion on free will, determinism, and identity, highlighting key points.

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