S2, E5: The Illusion of Free Will and the Reality of Determinism

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Season 2, Episode 5: The Illusion of Free Will and the Reality of Determinism


  • Podcast Title: Philosophical Entertainment
  • Hosts: Matthew Mansfield and Nicholas Rowe
  • Episode Topic: The Illusion of Free Will and the Reality of Determinism

Main Content

Discussion on the Nature of Reality and Perception:

  • Exploration of Determinism vs. Free Will:
    • Dialogue between Matthew and Nicholas on how society often confuses free will with determinism, using examples from daily life and philosophical thought.
    • Discussion on how deterministic frameworks influence our understanding of free will, with Nicholas providing insights from a philosophical standpoint.

The Role of External Influences:

  • Identity and Societal Constructs:
    • Examination of how identity is molded by societal expectations and the unseen forces of our environment, with Matthew steering the conversation towards personal and collective identity.
    • Analysis of how societal structures, like capitalism, shape our perceptions and decisions, illustrated with real-world examples and historical context by Nicholas.

Perceptions of Money and Value:

  • Money as a Social Construct:
    • Deep dive into the concept of money as merely a representation of perceived value rather than tangible wealth, with a philosophical twist by Nicholas.
    • Discussion on how this perception impacts societal outcomes and individual behaviors, drawing on both hosts’ experiences and broader societal observations.

Reflection on Philosophical and Practical Implications:

  • Impacts on Individual Actions and Societal Structures:
    • Exploration of how these philosophical insights affect our everyday decisions and the larger societal landscape.
    • Debate between the hosts on whether knowing this changes how we should live our lives, with a focus on ethical implications and personal responsibility.


  • Summary:
    • Recap of discussions on the nature of free will, the impact of societal constructs on perception, and how these shape our reality.
    • Final thoughts from both hosts, emphasizing the complexity of distinguishing between what is real and what is perceived in our decision-making processes.

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