Our Origin Story

Philosophical Entertainment is a concept coined by Alan Watts, who referred to himself as a Philosophical Entertainer. Through listening to Watts, we decided to take up the mantra of making philosophy entertaining again!

Science only studies the usual, which is why our objective has been to take uncommon topics (the more taboo the better) and dive into why it makes us uncomfortable. As we settle into our fears, we find that it is what lies behind the heebie jeebies that has us scared; it is death that has us frightened. That being the case, we want to explore death and find out why we feel so unsettled with our own mortality.

Philosophers Assemble!

Our team of philosophers met through our involvement at The Bridge Improv Comedy Theater. We are all improv actors and students who have a love for diving in to deep conversation and exploring the depths of ideas. We have been utilizing the theater for our live recordings and podcast meetings as well.

We invite you to become part of our philosophical team! Feel free to reach out to us and express your interest in joining our team! We’d love to have other’s help us create content and explore these tantalizing topics!