Bio Page | Matthew Mansfield

After having a NDE (near death experience) at age 38, Matthew was given a crash course in how the curtain of life is drawn over our eyes. Matthew believes that each one of us must die before we die in order to know that we are alive.

Just as being happy and unaware, negates the emotion all together. In life, when you live without having died, you are living a life that is a complete waste; because you don’t know you are alive! Matthew believes that “death” itself is a realization, not a physical event. Many people put off the realization of death until the body has no more to give; doing so limits one’s ability to impact their environment (as their body is no more able to maintain their tether of awareness). Once you experience death, you no longer care about the things your ego attached itself to. After awakening, you become free to truly live and love according to the intended design of your body.

The process of laying down the ego and rising again with awareness is as losing your sexual virginity. Once the act is completed, you may only remember when you once were a virgin. The trade off with awareness comes at the cost of the ego’s desires, and well, the ego itself. As you begin the journey of awakening, the ego holds on to hopes that in the experience (somehow), the ego will capture awareness and harness its secret power for its own advantage.

In a similar way, it is as a toddler standing on the beach and declaring that a rising tide will not move him. When the Universe opens itself upon the ego, the ego is carried away (just as our toddler would be in the tide). As you lay down your ego, you lay down with it the desire to control the outcome of events. Instead, your focus is no longer to gain but to give. The ego’s job is to imagine all those things which will delay it’s dissolution but these futile machinations are as the toddler’s will against the tide. Eventually, the ego will face its demise, the good news is that you have the ability to select when that happens. You don’t need to wait to die, in order to die!

Though you may be tempted to hold off on realizing, know that the ego operates from a place of logical fear, which promises safety but love is already safe. Once you lay the ego down, you also lay its fear(s) down with it. When you come back again, you are filled with love, which is already safe, and it replaces all fear. This means, once you die, you no longer fear death; you welcome it as an old familiar friend.

Through the process of awakening, a seed of pure love is planted inside you and the feeling becomes so incredibly overwhelming that you cannot contain it. At first, you begin by finding more love for yourself than you’ve known before. Next, the seed of love springs forth these uncontrollable desires to help others and share the work and word of love to everyone you see. In awareness, all that exists is love, and there is nothing else.

In a previous life, Matthew’s ego had certificates and degrees and was a 9-1-1 operator, police officer, baker, software engineer, business owner, and a bunch of other labels and titles. However, since Matthew’s DNE, he has been sharing the message of love from the Universe and spreading the ways to awareness.

Matthew and his service dog, Roxy, want you to know that death is 100% safe! More importantly, it is our life’s purpose to die before we die in order to ever truly live.


More about Matthew may be discovered on his website